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Sending Blackvue Log Files for Troubleshooting

When purchasing from Blackboxmycar, our customer support team tries our best to aid our clients in troubleshooting issues regarding their dash cams. In some instances, there may be issues that may be difficult to diagnose, and therefore necessary files will need to be sent to the manufacturer for further investigation. The BlackVue dash cams record everything the processor does onto the memory card and any errors will be logged with a system code for diagnostics.

These following steps outline exactly where to locate and how to send these necessary files to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. For our tutorial, we used a BlackVue DR650S-2CH but the steps should be similar for other BlackVue models. 

How to :

1. Put your Micro SD card into your computer's card reader or the supplied USB adapter. Locate the removable drive in your computer's file explorer corresponding to the BlackVue memory card. Inside the folder titled BlackVue, you'll find 5 folders inside. The two needed for troubleshooting are the config and system folders.

BlackVue Folders

2. Once you've located these folders, select them by holding control and left clicking the two folders. After selecting them, right click it and choose "send to" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder" which will put the contents of those two folders into a single zip file that will be easier to attach in an email. 

Compress Folders

3. Once the compressed folder is created, you can rename it to help you locate it easier. In this example, we've simply named it "ConfigSystemBlackVue". Attach this zipped file in an email and send it to info@blackboxmycar.com, we can forward this over to our representative at BlackVue and typically get a response within 1-2 business days.

BlackVue compressed folder

Do note that with the time zone delay, it may take longer to get a response from BlackVue's support team. Along with these system logs, we also recommend sending the serial number of your device in case there's anything specific to your camera that BlackVue will need to note. The serial number will be on the front camera on a sticker under the mount or on the original camera box if you have it.