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Savage Hit and Run Caught on Blackvue Dash Cam

This footage was caught on a hardwired Blackvue dash cam by our customer in Ontario, Canada. The driver caused significant damage to the parked Kia and reportedly hit two corners of a building in this complex as well. In the video you can see the truck driver pause and then decide to speed off, it also looks like the car hops a curb while speeding away. This is one of the craziest hit and runs we've seen and we're shocked that this was in a company vehicle to boot.

Thankfully, the dash cam clearly captured the company name and contact info which simplified the claims process significantly for the Kia driver. The company was identified as Royal Classic Kitchens which has four locations in Ontario. Without the dash cam footage, the driver would've had to refer to security camera footage which may be too far away to capture any discernible details. That being said, given the huge decals and the business reputation that's on the line, we're quite surprised that this company truck driver still decided to hit and run. 

In order to capture this type of footage, you would need to have some sort of power supply for your dash cam while the vehicle is off. For 2CH Blackvue dash cams like the one in this video, we recommend the Cellink Battery B to prevent battery drain and get the most parking recording. 

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