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Porsche 911 Turbo Gets Hit While Parked! (Calgary, AB)

Porsche 911 Hit while parked calgary alberta

Our longtime customer Angus shared this clip with us, caught at the grand opening of the new Porsche Centre Calgary. This was recorded on a BlackVue DR650GW-2CH that's hardwired to run even while the car is off. This camera also records audio which is helpful impacts like this one as you can hear the hit even if you can't really see it. 

What happened? 

It looks like a narrow bit of road when there are cars parked on both sides, and perhaps the van driver moved over to make a bit of room. Unfortunately the van driver misjudged how much room there really was and appears to have damaged the front driver's side fender on the Porsche. 

As the video clearly shows the license plates of both cars, the driver of the at-fault vehicle would have a hard time disputing the claim. 

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