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Parking Lot Hit and Run Caught on Thinkware F770!

This video clip was shared with us by one of our customers here in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was caught on the rear camera of the Thinkware F770 2-Channel System that is hardwired into their vehicle for parking mode recording.

Upon returning to their vehicle, our client was notified via audio alert that the F770's G-sensor was triggered while the vehicle was in Parking Mode. When reviewing the footage, a Camry is visible having a difficult time reversing out of its stall. They proceed to collide with our cammer's drivers-side bumper of their SUV before driving away in a hurry. We strongly recommend going with a 2-Channel setup for these particular situations. Moreover, this camera partitions its memory so important Event data will not be overwritten by normal "Continuous recording".

With Thinkware F770, Parking Mode functionality and clear visibility of license plates strongly reduces the risk of having to pay an insurance deductible for repairs in the event of a hit and run.