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Minor Accident in Richmond Highlights the Importance of Dash Cams in British Columbia

Our customer caught this incident on her BlackSys CH-100B on Hazelbridge Way in Richmond, B.C.. In the following video you can clearly see that the white Dodge Caravan was driving over the line which caused a minor accident between the two vehicles. Our customer's Honda Civic only suffered minor damage to the passenger's side mirror but due to the LaneWatch™ camera included on the mirror of these cars, the repairs are still quite expensive. Sometimes, it's these minor accidents that remind us why a dash cam is so important as there's nothing else that can prove without a doubt which car was in which lane.

What's important to focus on is the fact that the other driver immediately denied responsibility for the crash. It's rare that people openly admit that they're bad drivers so we're not surprised that he took this stance. Just think about how many drivers among your own friends and family have been in a car accident and then think about how many of those drivers would admit to have been at fault for those accidents. We're guessing the second number is a lot lower than the first number as many drivers have the mentality that it's always the other driver's fault.

ICBC - The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

In the eyes of many British Columbia motorists, ICBC, the compulsory basic insurance provider for all vehicles registered in BC, has a tendency to determine fault in accidents to be 50/50. This is due to "conflicting drivers' statements", "no independent witness", or "other inconclusive evidence" according to ICBC's website. In other words, if there is no real video or unbiased eyewitness account, and both drivers make conflicting claims, both drivers will be deemed 50% at fault. 

car accident scene

While we can't necessarily blame ICBC for these 50/50 verdicts, it's clear how this Crown corporation on the verge of insolvency may benefit from it. Under ICBC's claim-rated scale, if a driver is found to be more than 25% at fault, their premiums will be impacted. This means that with a 50/50 verdict, both drivers premiums will go up since both drivers would be found to be more than 25% at fault. 

Furthermore, in May 2018, changes to ICBC's claim rated scale mean greater impacts to the most experienced drivers on BC roads. With this new system, drivers with more than 15 years of clean driving are disproportionately affected if they are found to be more than 25% at fault. 

What can you do to protect yourself and your premiums?

While ICBC is the required basic insurance provider in the province, the basic policy doesn't cover too much. A good portion of what you pay for insurance will be in your optional collision coverage, comprehensive (non-collision damage) coverage, and extended third party liability coverage. Traditionally many drivers have stuck to ICBC for their optional coverage out of convenience but there are reputable insurance providers that provide similar products as an alternative. These providers may offer the same coverage at a lower rate than ICBC, particularly if you have more than 10 years of clean driving experience. (Some examples of private optional coverage providers include BCAA, Belairdirect, and Family Insurance)

car backed into dash cam

Private insurance does not always provide cheaper coverage or the same quality of service, particularly for younger drivers. The easiest way in our opinion is to invest in a dash cam like our customer in the video above. With excellent dash cams available under $150 these days, there's no excuse not to protect yourself against fraudulent claims and unfair insurance hikes. Here are just a few examples of customers in BC that were not found at fault thanks to dash cam footage:

  • Lying red light runner caught on dash cam (Vancouver) - Had there not been witnesses and dash cam footage, it would've been virtually impossible to determine which party was at fault. The at-fault driver claimed that the light was green and the other driver ran the red. 
  • Pickup truck driver merges into VW Golf (Vancouver) - The video clearly shows the truck driver turning into our customer's car but because there was no damage to his truck, he tried to get away with it.
  • Truck turns into semi's path (Coquitlam) - Due to the size of our customer's semi truck, they would've likely be deemed at fault. The dash cam footage clearly shows the smaller truck crossing over the broken turning line.
  • SUV backs into Acura RSX (Vancouver) Without the dash cam footage, in cases where a vehicle is rear ended the car in the back is typically found at fault. The video shows that the at-fault driver was not paying attention.
  • SUV backs into Scion FRS (Surrey) - Again, without video evidence ICBC may have deemed our customer at fault but the video shows that the other driver clearly reverses into the Scion. This is a common type of insurance fraud as it's easy to assign fault to the vehicle in the back.

Why wait? Equip yourself today!

In our experience, customers that invest in a dash cam never look back on that decision and tend to feel unsafe when driving in vehicles without them. For an increasing number of drivers, it's becoming a real no-brainer as they just simply can't expect other drivers to do the right thing and own up to their mistakes. Dash cams are affordable, easy to install, and can save you thousands in deductibles, repairs, and premium hikes. Contact us today to help find something that fits your budget and needs!