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Is the BlackVue DR750S Still Worth Your While?

Is the BlackVue DR750S Still Worth Your While?

The dash cam market is changing ever so fast. Just in the last 6 months, we’ve seen two more manufacturers hopping onto the 4K bandwagon, and we are expecting a couple more to join the party within the next 6 months. With all the attention on the 4K dash cams, it’s easy to fall victim to the madness of a higher-res image.

But just because everyone is going gaga over 4K UHD, it doesn’t mean that Full HD 1080p is not worth our time anymore - the BlackVue DR750S is a classic example where a high-quality Full HD dash cam system is still worth your while.

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The BlackVue DR750S is not a new release

The DR750S was introduced to North American consumers in 2017 as a successor to their previous flagship, the popular DR650S series. At the time of release, the DR750S had many features that other dash cams do not have, including dual-channel Full HD cameras that record at 60FPS, Cloud-connectivity, and an adaptive format-free file management system. The DR750S did raise the bar for the next generation of high-res, high-bitrate, connected dash cams - the BlackVue DR900S, Thinkware U1000, Viofo A129 Pro and the coming-soon IROAD X10. The DR900S officially took over as BlackVue’s latest flagship in late-2018.

A little background info on BlackVue

BlackVue is a premium brand from Korea and their dash cams are known for their high-quality engineering and innovative features. After all, they were the first ones to push out features like a stealthy cylindrical design, 4K UHD and Cloud-connectivity. BlackVue is the presenting sponsor of Formula DRIFT and every Formula Drive car is equipped with a BlackVue dash cam allowing fans to see streaming footage inside the cars.

The BlackVue DR750S is a great dash cam

From what we’ve seen so far with the 4K dash cams, the gain in video clarity varies, but the cost and storage investment is consistently heavy - 4K UHD is typically double the cost and four times the storage of Full HD.

For those who can afford it, the BlackVue DR900S 4K UHD dash cam is definitely worth checking out - if not for the 4K clarity, but also the cutting-edge features - but for those who want something simpler, more affordable, the DR750S Full HD 1080p dash cam is in no way a shabby choice.

An affordable everyday choice

For the price of a 1-channel 4K UHD dash cam, you can easily get a 2-channel front-and-rear Full HD dash cam system.

And for all the features that come with the BlackVue DR750S, you’re definitely in for a bargain!

  • Full HD front and rear cameras
  • 60FPS frame rate
  • Cloud-ready
  • Multiple options, including 1-channel front-only, 2-channel front-and-rear, 2-channel front-and-interior, 2-channel front and exterior

Full HD @60FPS vs. 4K @30FPS

Yes, an upgrade from Full HD to 4K UHD is a huge one, but do not underestimate what 60FPS can do for video quality, especially for fast-moving objects and is most visible when making turns - we’re talking about super fluid, super smooth videos. At 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps. All this means the DR750S is capable of keeping all details, ie. license plates, sharp even in fast action.

Improved security with unique Wi-Fi password

The DR750S Series introduced unique Wi-Fi passwords in a move to improve security. Instead of the default “blackvue” password, the unique password is included in the box and printed on the inner label of the dashcam, which can be checked by removing the dashcam from its mount. Some users might complain that it is not “blackvue” by default, but a unique password does reduce the risks of being hacked via Wi-Fi. Did you know that all Thinkware dash cams have a default WiFi password of “123456789”, even the $500 Thinkware U1000? Did you think you’d get something more secure just because it comes with a heftier price tag?

Access to awesome BlackVue Over the Cloud features

The DR750S is a cloud dash cam, which means it has access to all of BlackVue Over the Cloud awesome features, including two-way voice communication, remote Live View, push notifications, real-time video and GPS-tracking, Cloud backup, and more - all of which are included in your free BlackVue Over the Cloud account. You do need a mobile (ie. hotspot) or car-embedded Internet connection and the BlackVue App to access the Cloud services.

2-Channel Full HD Dash Cameras: how the DR750S-2CH measures up

Resolution (Front)

Full HD @60FPS

Full HD @30FPS

Full HD @30FPS

Resolution (Rear)

Full HD @30FPS

Full HD @30FPS

Full HD @30FPS





Parking Mode




Viewing Angle




Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

-10°C - 60°C (14°F - 140°F)

-10°C - 65°C (14°F - 149°F)

Maximum SD Card












Remote Live View




Smartphone App

BlackVue App (iOS and Android)

Thinkware Cloud App (iOS and Android)

VIOFO App (iOS and Android)

Desktop Viewer

BlackVue Viewer (Windows and Mac)

Thinkware Viewer (Windows and Mac)


Price (at time of writing)

$379.99 $341.99



The BlackVue DR750S is still worth your while

The DR750S is a high-quality, smart dash cam; its stealthy cylindrical design makes it a great unit if you want something discrete in your vehicle. The new 4K UHD dash cams do promise (and deliver) crisp images but with a 60FPS frame rate, the DR750S is capable of delivering smooth videos while keeping all details, ie. license plates, sharp even in fast action.

So, unless you're looking for 4K UHD-specific features, the Full HD 1080p DR750S is a great, budget-friendly everyday choice.

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