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Introducing Aquapel Glass Treatment

Here in Vancouver where BlackboxMyCar is based, we're much too familiar with driving in the rain and the negative effect it has on driving safety. Not only do wet roads have the potential to induce hydroplaning and increase stopping distances, but the driver's visibility can be greatly reduced as well. The water can build up on the windshield and streak which not only makes it harder for the driver to see, but the dashcam can't see as clearly either.

Untreated Aquapel Dashcam

With an untreated windshield, even at highway speeds the heavy rain makes the dash cam footage virtually unusable

Aquapel Treated and untreated

Notice the blurrier image of the untreated half of the windshield, the treated windshield offers a much smoother image

To improve wet visibility, various products are available to enhance water repelling and reduce streaking. Aquapel is a product that we have on all our cars here at BlackboxMyCar as we have tested it to last the longest when applied and has no negative effect on the wiper blades of the car. In our experience, two Aquapel applicators is usually enough to do all the windows of a compact to medium sized car. The treatment typically lasts about 4-6 months which is sufficient for the wet season here in Vancouver.

As an introductory special, we are offering free ground shipping on the 6-pack of Aquapel until 11/30/16. This is perfect for a driver with multiple vehicles or to buy as a stocking stuffer in time for the holidays.