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Could ICBC Be Considering Rewarding Those Who Submit Dash Cam Footage? - Dangerous, Dash Cam, Dash Cam Footage, Dash Cams, Driving, ICBC, Rewarding Good Drivers - BlackboxMyCar

Could ICBC Be Considering Rewarding Those Who Submit Dash Cam Footage?

This blog post is in response to several news articles reported last week (ie. CTV News Vancouver).

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) may be considering rewarding good drivers who submit dash cam footage of poor or dangerous driving.

This idea is being pioneered by a Burnaby driver who believes that ICBC should be incentivizing drivers to submit dash cam footage of dangerous driving by offering lowered insurance premiums.

If dangerous drivers suffer the consequences of their actions, then those who report dangerous driving with video evidence should be rewarded. Reduced insurance premiums may be an excellent way for the British Columbia (BC) government to keep its roads safe and reduce time for police investigations and insurance payouts.

At BlackboxMyCar, we curate dash cam videos every month submitted by our customers to showcase the importance of dash cams and stress the importance of safe driving. Here is our video from March 2018.

We all know that incentives can be powerful motivational tools, but some psychological studies state that rewards are more effective than punishment in encouraging cooperative behaviour. Currently, BC’s insurance system is lacking in rewards and this consideration by ICBC is a step in the right direction.  

The best way to increase good behaviour is to incentivize it.

Rewarding those who submit video proof of poor drivers is an important step to deterring dangerous driving before it happens. The greater the rewards for doing the right thing, the more people will use their dash cam footage to keep our roads safer. Rather than just catching people on video as they commit driving offenses, the resulting increased popularity of dash cams could ultimately help to keep potentially dangerous drivers in line.

At BlackboxMyCar, we hope that the BC government gives this idea serious consideration. We truly believe that the more cars are equipped with dash cams, the safer our roads become. With this new incentive, the increased likelihood of being caught on camera could, in itself, discourage people from driving aggressively or dangerously in the first place.

Here's our dash cam video compilation from April 2019.

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