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Getting a Battery Pack for your BlackVue DR750S-2CH

We strongly believe that a battery pack is the best way to power a dash cam, particularly with newer vehicles that have more sensitive electronics and features like keyless entry with smart keys. There are a number of new cars that have issues running regular hardwire kits with their factory batteries. If you install a regular hardwire kit like the Power Magic Pro, we usually recommend closely monitoring it for the first few weeks after installing. Some cars can't take a 12.0V cutoff without having hesitation while starting or generating error codes. Some cars might not have any issue with a 12.0V cutoff but might only be able to provide an hour or two of parking recording.

Unfortunately, with hardwire kits that run off of your battery, there is simply no way to guarantee what your dash cam's performance will be like. There are too many variables like your battery size, condition, and what kind of electronics run while your vehicle is off. We simply can't say for certain that you will have no issues with a regular hardwire kit.

For this reason dash cam manufacturers have designed various battery packs for these products. The battery pack is designed to be an independent power supply that will not drain your car's battery. These are designed to be hooked up to ignition switched circuits meaning you won't have to worry about battery drain while your car is off. For the new BlackVue DR750S-2CH we have two options for battery packs; the BlackVue B-112 and the Cellink Battery B

Which Battery Pack Should I get for my BlackVue DR750S-2CH?

The main difference between our battery pack options will be the capacity and recording time. With the new DR750S-2CH, BlackVue has reduced the power consumption a bit compared to the outgoing DR650S-2CH. When paired with the B-112, the DR750S-2CH with cloud running should be able to run for 10-11 hours without issue. The Cellink would be able to achieve twice as much recording time at around 20 hours of recording. 

Like the DR650S-2CH, you can turn off the cloud feature and WiFi autorun for an additional 2 hours or so of recording time. Please note that these numbers are based on a full charge which takes approximately 1 hour of driving/charging. If your commute is only 10 minutes, you will not be able to get these sorts of recording times. That being said, with a shorter commute, you may want to look into a power inverter which will work for either of these battery packs. 

The Cellink carries a higher price tag but is our favourite battery pack as it offers double the capacity. It also has a standard hardwire option (Add-a-fuse optional) as well as a 12V plug. It charges faster and is slightly thinner making it easier to place under a seat. If you are looking for overnight recording we can only recommend the Cellink B as the B-112's capacity may come up a little short.