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Ford F-150 Cellink and Thinkware F770 Hardwire Dash Cam Install

The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular vehicles in North America so we thought it'd be a great idea to document and share the installation of a full car camera system in one of these great trucks. Our local customer, Jason, stopped by with his 2015 F-150 XLT Sport looking for a complete 2-channel parking mode setup as his truck was being vandalized. He decided on the Thinkware F770 2-Channel and Cellink Bundle which offers Full HD recording all-around and up to 24 hours of parking mode recording thanks to the battery pack. 

Ford F-150 Dash Cam Thinkware

Installation Tips

  • The 2015+ Ford F-150 and many newer Ford vehicles use the Micro 2 (ATR) size add-a-fuse. Interestingly, the fuse taps available on the market fit the engine bay fuse box with no issues but may not fit in the cabin fuse box without modification. We've seen this issue on both the Ford Fusion and the F-150, the solution some of our customers have discovered, is to slightly shave the black plastic very slightly with a utility knife. Please note we are not responsible for any damage done to the fuse tap.
  • By removing the weather stripping around the front passenger door, you'll have plenty of access to run your wiring. You may want to use mounting clips to secure the wire between the pillars and the trim. Many premium dash cam manufacturers (such as Thinkware, Blackvue, and BlackSys) already include these clips with their dash cams.
  • A metric socket set will be good to have for grounding your hardwire kit. There are a number of exposed metal brackets around the fuse box area on the F-150 that will work for grounding.


  • A chart of the fuse box is available in the owner's manual; a PDF version of the manual is available from the Ford Owner's site
  • Most of the fuses in the passenger compartment of the 2015+ Ford F-150 are always and only 3 are ignition switched.
  • Of the 3 ignition switched fuses, we recommend using Fuse #36 for the 360° camera, heated seats, and other non-essential accessories. The other 2 switched fuses are relating to the trailer brake control and restraints; as these can affect the safety of the vehicle we do not recommend using them for accessories.
  • For the Cellink install, only ignition switched power was needed, however if your install calls for constant power as well, there are a number of spare (not used) fuses that have constant 12V
  • The fuses used may vary from vehicle-to-vehicle and trim-to-trim. What works for an F-150 sport may be different from an F-150 Raptor or F-150 Platinum. It's always best to verify whether a fuse is switched or constant by using a circuit tester or multimeter.

Installation Pictures

Thinkware F770 Ford F-150

You can use the dot matrix on the front windshield to hide the bulk of the camera

Ford F-150 Dash Cam Windshield

This is known as a frit and is safe to mount adhesive dash cams to

Cellink Ford F-150

There is plenty of room under the passenger seat of the F-150 to mount the Cellink B

F150 Rear Dash Cam

As the rear window can slide open and slides towards the right, we mounted the camera on the left side of the rear window in a fixed position

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