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FAQ: Will the Thinkware F750 Rear Camera work with the F770?

Many customers of ours who currently have the Thinkware F750 front and rear cameras expressed an interest in upgrading to the redesigned F770 due to its much sleeker design. While they knew the power cable/hardwiring kit would work with the new camera, they weren't sure if the rear camera would be interchangeable. 

Thinkware Rear Camera

The short answer is yes! if you plug the rear camera for the F750 into the F770 it will definitely work. There is one minor caveat though, the rear camera cable for the F750 uses a straight tipped design whereas the F770 has a right angled tip. This means that the wire management flap on the F770 can't be closed properly when matched with a straight tipped rear camera cable as seen in the picture below (shared by our customer Sir Loin on DashCamTalk). In our testing the disadvantages are purely aesthetic and the flap doesn't rattle or cause any differences in performance

If the cable is already installed neatly in the vehicle and the owner did not want to go through the hassle of reinstalling a new cable in the car, they do have alternative solutions. The first one is to buy a small right angled Micro USB to Micro USB adapter which will have the wire going out the correct direction. The other option is to drill a hole through the plastic flap so that the straight wire will come out nicely (picture below). The benefit to doing this is that it will be much easier to unplug than a right angled connector. 

Thinkware F770 F750 rear camera cable