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Distracted Driver Rear Ends X5 in Vancouver (Thinkware F770)

With rising penalties for distracted driving in British Columbia, we're surprised people still can't resist picking up their smartphones. If caught with your phone in your hand, it can easily cost upwards of $500 in tickets and insurance penalties!

Dash Cam Video

This incident was caught on the 2 channel Thinkware F770 featuring a Full HD rear camera. It is installed on our customer's BMW X5 with the Cellink Battery B to avoid battery discharge warnings. Interestingly enough, the offending vehicle was also a white BMW X5.

The other driver in this video did admit fault but blamed it on the fact that she had poor eyesight. As many online comments have pointed out, that's probably even worse considering the perfect visibility and fairly large SUV that she hit. It's similar to saying you weren't drunk, you're just bad at driving in a straight line!

Bmw X5 distracted driver

When we reviewed the video with our customer, we saw that the other driver was clearly holding her phone. It also looks like she dropped the phone as soon as she hit our customer's car. Some of the drivers commenting on YouTube and Reddit mentioned that they wish they had a rear dash cam so they could prove that the other party was on their phone when they hit the other party. This evidence might be helpful if the victim wanted the other driver charged as it would be difficult to prove otherwise.