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Dash Cams in Rental Vehicles

Dash Cams in Rental Vehicles

Whether you are visiting a familiar place on a regular work trip, or travelling through an unknown country on a tropical vacation, there are many instances where you will require a rental car. Although this vehicle may have insurance coverage similar to that on your own personal vehicle, you will realize that you had to leave your adhesive-based dash camera in your home garage, thus leaving you unprotected.

Although highly recommended by BlackboxMyCar for their durability in an accident and reduction of vibration, adhesive-based dash cameras are not the easiest to transfer from one vehicle to another due to their VHB high-density adhesive tapes.

This is the area in which the traditional suction-cup based dash-cam excels. Although we carry a limited selection of these, we like to assure our customers that these have both options available to them right out of the box.

Our top recommended cameras are the VicoVation Opia 2 and the VicoVation Opia 1. Both of these systems feature a whopping 2K resolution and clear Full HD respectively, with the ability to easily move them from one vehicle to the next with its quick-release and suction cup mounts. The Opia 1 has WiFi capability for connecting your phone, and the Opia 2 offers clarity that outmatches most one channel systems.

If you are looking for a portable, yet versatile system for your next dash-cam that does not compromise in video quality, do check these out!