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Dash Cam Battery Pack Comparison: Cellink B vs NEO

Dash Cam Battery Pack Comparison: Cellink B vs NEO

Dash cams are great for recording all sorts of events when the car’s moving, however, a lot of people neglect to have recordings when it’s parked. When parked some cameras have dedicated parking modes in which the camera can still record to capture footage while the car’s parked.

To power these cameras when the vehicle’s off it’ll need to be hard-wired into the vehicle. And during this time the camera will consume energy off the vehicle’s built-in battery. In this case, the battery in the vehicle will slowly drain to a point where either the camera’s built-in cut off detection will cut off power when it’s too low or the use of an accessory such as Power Magic Pro.

But this isn’t the best way to power the camera, as the car’s battery Lead Acid construction is good for high current starts on the car it’s primary design isn’t to power slow draining electronics.

This is where the Dash Cam Batteries come in. With a few models to choose from they are designed for slow draining electronics so it’s able to power the camera for an extended period of time without damaging the vehicle’s starter battery.

Cellink B, for example, is our most popular option with a 76.8Wh charge, it’s able to power a single camera for 23 hours and a dual channel for about 15 hours. This is if the dash cam is constantly recording, some cameras are able to put itself in an energy saving mode when the vehicle’s parked enabling even longer duration. For example, we’ve tested a Cellink Neo with Thinkware F100 Front and rear camera and was able to get about 4 days of parking mode recording.

The Cellink NEO which is the newest addition to the battery lineup has the same capacity as the Cellink B but it’s able to provide a longer run time for the cameras and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity it’s able to connect to your smartphone and show remaining charge as well as other useful information on how the battery’s doing.

No matter which battery option you choose, here at BlackboxMycar we strive to provide the best experience. So if there are any questions please feel free to contact us!