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Cellink Battery for Convenient and Extended Parking Mode Recording

Our customer recently picked up this Mercedes C400 and came to us with a dilemma. His new job requires him to park his car at a busy mall parking lot for at least 8 hours a day but his commute is only about 5 minutes each way. While a 2-channel setup does offer more coverage, he didn't really feel the need for it as his car is backed up against a wall at work and the 2-channel setup would require more power while parked. In the end, he decided to go with the Thinkware F50 paired with the Cellink Battery B and BlackboxMyCar Power Inverter. Here's why:

  • On a full charge, the Cellink B can power the F50 for an impressive 36 hours. It's our biggest battery paired with our most energy efficient parking mode dash cam so the results are truly staggering. For our customers that don't drive very much, this means they might be able to get by with charging the battery only twice a week with the power inverter, rather than having to pull the battery out every day!
  • The Cellink is also capable of charging rather quickly, through the power inverter on the 5A setting, you can charge it fully in about 75 minutes. A good way to think about this for our customer was that for every 5 minutes of driving, the Cellink can power the Thinkware F50 for about 2 hours in parking mode. This is considerably more than what a typical car battery can provide with a short 5 minute drive.
  • In terms of the car's actual warranty, some service departments might hassle dash cam users if their dash cam is hardwired but with the Cellink/cigarette adapter set up, no hardwiring is needed.
  • With the location of the Cellink in the glovebox, our customer only needs to disconnect the output harness for the F50 (clip) and unplug the cigarette lighter to bring it into the house. While we could've opted to place the battery under the passenger seat, the glovebox is a lot more accessible from the driver's seat.

Installation Pictures

Mercedes C400 F50

The Thinkware F50 mounted in our customer's Mercedes

Cellink Glovebox

The Cellink B fits easily in the glovebox of most vehicles

Cellink Mercedes

While the cigarette method isn't the cleanest way to install the battery pack, it makes it easy to remove and replace the battery for charging with the power inverter. The rest of the dash cam's wires are tucked in the headliner/A-pillar as they don't need to be removed.