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Blackvue Cloud Viewer for Desktop

The Blackvue Cloud viewer is the latest viewer designed for the DR650GW and DR650S series dashcams. This viewer is an ideal option for fleet managers who want to look into their dashcams from their office computer and essentially offers the same features as the mobile app. Frankly this desktop program is a long time coming but we're glad it's here, as it was quite cumbersome to require using an iOS or Android device to log in. 

The Blackvue Cloud viewer is available on the Blackvue Downloads page under "Download: App & Viewer"

Here are some screenshots of what you can do with the Cloud Viewer


Blackvue Cloud Viewer

  • Once the Viewer is installed, this is the home screen. The Cloud button lets you access all of the cloud related features and the SD card lets you access the SD card if you have it inserted in your computer.
  • The SD card button is the same as the older versions of the Blackvue viewer. It is not for accessing the SD card remotely through the Cloud. 

  • When you start the Cloud viewer you can view all of the devices connected to the cloud. You must be logged into your Cloud account to view any of these
  • The green icons are publicly accessible Cloud dash cams

  • If your camera is connected to the cloud, you can take advantage of the live view function and the GPS map tracking
  • The GPS Map can show you the location and speed of the vehicle 
  • On the bottom right of the live view window, the microphone button allows 2-way audio communication which can be useful for fleet managers who want to speak to their drivers

 Blackvue Cloud Russia

  • Public Blackvue Cloud accounts are indicated by green car icons 
  • You can't use the microphone option or view the rear camera when viewing these public Cloud streams