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Blackvue B-124 Power Magic Ultra

Blackvue B-124 Power Magic Ultra

The Blackvue B-124 Power Magic Ultra is a new battery pack that we offer from Blackvue for supporting your Blackvue dash cams and their parking mode recording features. Most customers purchase the B-124 battery to avoid hardwiring the Power Magic Pro and from having to use the vehicle’s battery to power their dashcams. A conventional hardwire via the Power Magic Pro increases the wear and tear on the vehicle’s battery, decreasing its longevity.

The B-124 Battery can charge itself by being hardwired into an ignition fuse in your car’s fuse box, or by being plugged into one of your car’s 12-volt cigarette sockets. However, it also shuts down when the vehicle is off, and thus does not cause wear and tear on the vehicle’s battery. B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery takes around 45 to 60 minutes to fully charge - once the B-124 is fully charged, it will provide enough charge to have your 2-channel dashcam system run for about 20 hours of parking mode recording (please keep in mind the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is about 15 hours as it draws more power than other dash cams). This is a substantial difference when compared to the (on average and dependent on the vehicle’s battery) 5-7 hours of parking mode recording that the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit can offer.

What's New?

The new battery pack is bigger and better than the previous generation B-112. Doubling the capacity and reducing the amount of time to charge, the B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack is able to power your 1-channel dash cam for 28 hours while 2-channel dash cams can expect 20 hours of parking mode recording (the DR900S is about 20 hours and 15 hours respectively). The B-124 has an integrated smartphone app that lets you quickly see the battery percentage as well as power draw. There’s no need to look at the battery once it’s installed, making it a lot simpler to use! Powered by LiFePO4 ( Lithium Iron Phosphate) this power pack is designed with dash cam usage in vehicles in mind.

The B-124 features Bluetooth technology and is used to be paired with the BlackVue mobile app that’s available on iOS App Stores as well as the Google Play Store. The app itself gives out plenty of useful information as discussed above. Some more features include the overall battery percentage, whether the unit is charging or discharging, how long the battery can power the camera for as well as how long the battery will take to fully charge. With these useful new features and extended recording times, it makes it very easy and logical to recommend the B-124 as the ultimate solution for powering your BlackVue dash cam.

Another difference is the hardwire mode now draws 9 amps, whereas the older B-112 battery only had the cigarette charger method. This is significant because not only is your charge time shorter, you can also hardwire the battery to the fusebox. This gives you a much cleaner install with the use of the cigarette outlet.

Options to Consider

If you have the 12v male cigarette jack, your charging options aren’t limited to just the car. With the male cigarette jack, you can charge your B-124 in any regular power outlet (such as the ones in your home) through a power inverter, so long as the power inverter has an output of 5A and also has a female cigarette socket. If you purchase a power inverter that outputs anything less than 5A, then the Blackvue Battery will not be able to charge. This is why it is very important to make sure that your power inverter can charge your B-124 if you plan to charge your battery at home.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing is how the Blackvue B-124 would function in different climates. It’s important to note that all batteries will face some performance issues with very cold temperatures. Even with this setback, the Power Magic Ultra Battery and its aluminum housing is definitely very capable, using less strain on your car’s battery and lowering the chances of having a dead car battery, which are things that a regular hardwiring of a dashcam could do.

The B-124 also has an optional Expansion pack that can be attached so that you attain even more power. This B-124E Expansion pack acts as an extra battery and effectively doubles the amount of time that your B-124 can provide a charge for. This means that your Blackvue Battery would keep your dashcam on for around 40 hours for a 2-Channel setup when paired with an Expansion pack instead of the 20 hours that we mentioned earlier.


Some customers run the BlackVue Cloud feature 24/7 on their BlackVue dash cam systems. In cases like this, we definitely recommend getting the expansion pack. With the expansion pack, it would take double the amount of time for the battery to deplete. It is also safer to run two B-124’s instead of one, because the dash cams would then have a much longer source for power. This means that if you’re parked for more than 12 hours, you’re guaranteed to capture what happened.

If you are looking to avoid hardwiring, are looking for a way to prolong your car’s battery or are looking to extend the duration of your dash cam’s parking mode recording, then you will definitely enjoy the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery.