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Benefits of Black Friday Special Bundles

Benefits of Black Friday Special Bundles

Black Friday is approaching! That means killer deals everywhere and nobody offers better deals than we do. With our highly experienced sales staff, who gather customer feedback all the time, we are able to provide the best service and support in North America. Everybody needs a single camera or dual camera dash cam system in their car. Odds are you have seen some insane footage captured by dash cameras from around the world on You Tube. Why a dash cam? To protect you, your family and your vehicle of course.

So what do Black Friday 2018 Deals look like at BlackboxMyCar? Bundles, bundles, and more bundles. It means the kind of bundles that you normally have to piece together through either research or trial and error but we have skipped all that for you. The real question now is how do you take advantage of the bundles? Simple - just click here and find the package that fits your needs best. Once you have made your model selection just put it in the cart and checkout - it is that simple!

Let's break these bundles down a bit and see what make them tick. First, let’s go over what a typical bundle includes that you wouldn’t normally get when you buy a dash cam.

Extended Warranty

This is a BlackboxMyCar Exclusive offer that allows you extra access to our in-house warranty processing here in North America without waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.

Add-A-Fuse Hardwire Installation Kit

This allows you to take advantage of the dash camera systems that have Parking Mode, protecting your vehicle when you aren’t around. The hardwire installation kit also offers you a clean and professional installation!

Additional MicroSD Cards

A small but powerful addition to any dash cam system, allowing you to protect freshly recorded footage from being overwritten accidentally and as a backup, in case a card fails.

Additional Mounts

Another recurring item in our bundles which gives you multiple mounting options if you have more than one vehicle you want to protect!

This is the first holiday season of BlackboxMyCar exclusive dash cams from dash cam manufacturer giant Thinkware. The first product is BlackboxMyCar only version of the flagship Thinkware F800 Pro called the Thinkware F800 Pro D+ - exclusive to BlackboxMyCar. The F800 Pro D+ comes with several items that are usually only available for purchase separately. These include a rear-facing camera, Thinkware hardwiring kit, additional mounting bracket and an OEM CPL filter. Read our full review here.

The second is the Thinkware FA200 IRC - another exclusive product at BlackboxMyCar. The Thinkware FA200 IRC BlackboxMyCar Edition brings the importance of rideshare security to the forefront; as an emerging industry, there hasn’t been nearly enough attention shined on what could be done to protect ourselves, our friends, and our family members. The IRC stands for Infrared Camera, a military-grade technology that has been released to the public, which allows for video to be recorded in total darkness where no other cameras would be able to record. With the FA200 IRC in your car, you can now relax knowing that you are protected inside and out.

Offering simpler shopping this Black Friday is something we really take pride in. Whether it’s IROAD, Look-It, VIOFO, BlackVue, Thinkware, or Cellink we have something for everybody and for every budget.

Looking for more gift ideas and options? Take a look at our 2018 Gift Guide which has a thorough breakdown of everything we are throwing together this year for bundles. Don’t forget to save even more money by taking a look at our available coupon codes. And finally, rest assured that we test, review, and thoroughly immerse ourselves in every unit we sell here to make sure they meet the highest standards we have developed through our experience as North America’s largest dash cam supplier.