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Power Magic Pro Setup and Tips

What is a Power Magic Pro (PMP)?

Our video guide to install the Power Magic Pro is available here. The Power Magic Pro (commonly referred to as "PMP") has various functions, but primarily is used to provide power to your dash cam through a female cigarette socket when the vehicle is turned off. The module is powered through the vehicle's fuse box and detects your battery's voltage when the vehicle is turned off so it knows when to cutoff power to the dash cam. There is also a timer function that can be set to cutoff power to the dash cam after a set amount of time although if the battery level drops to the cutoff level first the Power Magic Pro will cut off power to the camera regardless of how long it's been recording for. 

Another function of the Power Magic Pro and hardwiring a dash cam is to keep wires out of sight as well as free up any cigarette sockets in the vehicle. Many compact cars only have one or two 12V/Cigarette sockets nowadays and it's nice to be able to free up that socket for a cellphone charger or portable GPS. By keeping the wires out of sight it can also draw less attention from thieves as it's not obvious upon first glance that there's a dash cam plugged in. If you're using a suction cup mounted dash cam with a cigarette socket in your center console and a dangling power cable, the whole setup can be stolen in a matter of seconds. 

Thanks to the female cigarette socket, the Power Magic Pro is essentially a modular power kit and will work with just about any dash cam that's powered with a cigarette jack power cable. The output of the Power Magic Pro isn't enough to power higher draw devices like a dash cam battery pack but will work even with non-parking mode dash cams.

Unique to the Power Magic Pro is a multi-booting switch, in the on (I) position, it allows the dash cam to be powered when the vehicle is off. In the off (O) position, the camera still runs when you're driving but when the engine is switched off and the accessory fuse becomes inactive, the camera will turn off. This is preferable to unplugging a camera as you don't run the risk of forgetting to plug it back in and it will still record as soon as you start up your car. 

Setup and Troubleshooting

The Power Magic Pro has 3 wires that need to connect to your vehicle:

  • Red Wire = Accessory Fuse wire; this connects to an ignition switched fuse slot that becomes inactive when the key is removed and the engine is switched off. it lets the PMP know when your car is off and activates the voltage detection/timer.
  • Yellow Wire = Constant/Battery Fuse; this connects to a fuse that is powered even when the vehicle is switched off. For some newer vehicles you may need to check if this fuse is permanently active when the car is off or if it's configured to time out after a set amount of time.
  • Black Wire = Ground; this connects to a metal bolt/nut in your vehicle. It has a C-shaped end on it and can be slipped under a nut/bolt and secured by the torque of that nut. You will need to use some sort of wrench/socket to secure it.

To find out which fuses are which, we recommend using a circuit tester or multimeter, circuit testers are affordable (under $10) and simple to use. Simply clip one end to a grounding nut/bolt and connect the pointy tip to a fuse to check whether it is active. If the vehicle is switched off with the keys removed and one fuse lights up, that tells you that it's a constant power fuse. ACC/switched fuses will not light up on a circuit tester or multimeter when the car is off.

To ensure you have the correct fuses connected on the Power Magic Pro, follow this handy chart below in reference to the switch position and the green light on the PMP:

  Ignition Off Ignition On
Multi-Boot Switch On (I) A. Green Light On B. Green Light On
Multi-Boot Switch Off (O) C. Green Light Off D. Green Light On


  • If the light does not turn on in Position A. drive around for a few minutes to get the battery charged up. Often times when installing a hardwire kit the doors are open for a while and the lights in the vehicle are turned on which will drain the battery quicker and if the battery voltage level is below the cutoff, the light will stay off.
  • If the light does not turn on in Position B. and D. your grounding wire is not connected to a solid ground. The black wire may have slipped out when torquing down the nut or moved as a result of vibration. Not all shiny metal nuts and bolts in the vehicle are ideal grounds, we prefer ones that are metal on metal over metal on plastic.
  • If the light STAYS ON in Position C. your ACC (red) wire is actually connected to a constant powered fuse, switch this fuse immediately to avoid having your battery drained as the voltage cutoff will not work if this is the case!
  • If the light BLINKS/FLASHES ON AND OFF (or your dash cam turns off randomly when driving) check your grounding cable (black wire), the nut may be loose or not connected to a solid ground

Winter Weather Tips!

For customers living in colder climates, consider using more conservative settings on your Power Magic Pro due to the quicker discharge that occurs in the Winter. We recommend setting it to 12.0V with a 6 hour timer to lessen your risk of being stranded with a car that won't start. Before changing settings make sure to switch the multi-booting switch on the Power Magic Pro to the off position before adjusting the dip switches. The Power Magic Pro is designed to work with both 12V and 24V systems so the voltage settings are limited compared to the Multi Safer hardwiring kit which can be set to 11.6V, 11.8V, 12.0V, and 12.2V. If you would like to swap your Power Magic Pro out for a Multi Safer feel free to contact us before you order

If even after switching to these more conservative settings, you are still experiencing issues with starting up your vehicle we would recommend turning off multi-booting as it would be better than being stranded. Unfortunately, reduced parking mode recording times in winter are a bit of an inevitability and should be expected. Those that need more parking mode recording time should look into a battery pack to improve winter performance.

The Cellink Battery B charges off of accessory power only, either through a 12V socket or hardwired to an accessory fuse, so it doesn't add any strain on your car's battery when it's parked out in the cold! It can also offer more than 20 hours of parking mode recording on a 2 Channel dash cam. Another popular dash cam battery pack is the T-Power Plus Alpha which can be hardwired in a similar fashion as the Power Magic Pro or also run in ACC only mode like the Cellink. The T-Power's voltage cutoff can be set to 11.8V, 12.0V, 12.2V, or 12.5V so the strain on the battery can be reduced in comparison to what the Power Magic Pro can be set at. After it hits the cutoff, the dash cam is powered by the battery pack until it runs out.