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MYTH: Dashcam Cost vs. Car Value

We're hearing from a lot of our walk-in customers that they're hesitant about investing money into a dash cam to protect a car that's worth less than $10,000. While we see where they're coming from the fact of the matter is even the most basic Chinese dash cam can provide evidence worth thousands of dollars should you get into an accident and use that footage to prove you're not at fault. The value of your own car does not necessarily correlate to the value of the other party's vehicle and the insurance settlement they're looking for at the end of the day. From what our customers and ourselves have experienced, the rule of thumb is that no one admits fault and it's ALWAYS the other person who caused the accident. We've seen witnesses lie about what really happened and plenty of insurance scams relating to motor vehicle incidents to know just how important it is to make efforts in protecting yourself.

There are few feelings worse than the insurance adjuster or law enforcement officer taking the word of the other party over what you know is the truth. And while that violated feeling is awful, there are financial repercussions that might follow as well, regardless of the value of your car. Insurance deductibles, premium hikes, and potential legal fees might also affect you, all which would far outweigh the actual cost of a basic dash cam such as the Skyview G1. These dash cams are built to work in the vast majority of vehicles and all you really need is a cigarette/12V outlet and a windshield and you're set. There are however certain instances where a higher end dash cam would be preferable and pay off as an investment.

While high end features like WiFi and GPS usually offer more of a convenience than actual protective value, one area where we recommend spending more is to get a hardwired dash cam. It is a more involved installation but allows the user to take advantage of parking mode by motion detection which protects your vehicle even when you're not around. In terms of bang-for-the-buck we highly recommend the BlackSys CH-100B which comes in both 1 Channel (front only) and 2 Channel (front and rear) variants. Where parking mode by motion detection pays off the most is in the event of a hit and run and vandalism scenarios. The reason why is that in these cases there's rarely any witnesses around and the driver of the other car/vandal is motivated to take off since they are rarely caught. By being able to catch the offender red-handed even when no other people are around the car, your likelihood of avoiding a costly insurance deductible is greatly improved. Insurance deductibles are often in the range of $500-$1000 which again would make a compelling case for the investment of a hardwired dash cam.

Our customer's Corolla was hit and run 3 times before installing a hardwired CH-100B 2 Channel

The take-home lesson is that dash cams have the potential to save you hundreds if not thousands when dealing with motor vehicle incidents, regardless of how much your car is worth. For advice on which dash cams to go with or how to do an install feel free to contact us by filling out the form here or calling us at 1-888-978-6560.