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Common Dashcam Wifi Issues!

WiFi built in dashcams allow for easy access to footage and settings on the go with a simple Android or IOS application. However, sometimes there are some problems with connecting the phone to the dashcam. Here are some common problems and solutions:

What is the default WiFi password to my BlackVue device?

The BlackVue's default password is "blackvue" all in lower case. The Blacksys's default password is "11111111" (8 ones). 

I tried connecting through the phone application and it is not working how can I fix that?

This issue is usually cased by the internal phone settings rejecting the application's WiFi setting. This issue can be fixed by going into the phones WiFi setting and connecting to the dashcam through there first and then the application a second time. 

My Android device keeps kicking me off of the dash cam WiFi?

This issue occurs more with Samsung devices because of the feature called "Smart Switch". Smart Switch's feature is to boot low connectivity WiFi signal and attempts to find a better signal to connect to. To fix this issue go into the WiFi settings on the device and find the advance menu there will be a setting to turn off "Smart Switch". Additionally Android devices have a similar feature which also boots off connections with low connectivity in older versions of android 4.44 or lower. The same solution may be applied. 

I just turned on WiFi but it is not connecting why is that?

This issue often happens when the WiFi is not fully turned on yet. After turning on the WiFi allow the unit 30 seconds to 1 minute to allow the dashcam to cycle through its internal WiFi procedures before attempting to connect.

I just changed the default password for my dashcam and I forgot it what should I do?

There are two scenarios for this situation.

The first scenario is if you remembered the password you changed it to but the application on the phone is rejecting you.The solution for this is to go into the WiFi settings on the phone and attempt to connect to the dash cam there first and then through the application. 

The second scenario is that you completely forgot your password to the dashcam. If that is the case for BlackVue you would first back up all your video files by connecting the SD card to your computer. After all the important footage is backed up open the BlackVue program on the SD card and select format. This will refresh the settings for BlackVue making everything back to default.  

For the BlackSys the first step is to back up all the important footage that you need from that device. After that is done place the SD card back into your computer and open the BlackSys Viewer program. With the Viewer Program open, click on the settings button. At the bottom of the Settings window, there is a button to format the card, and clicking this will format the device back to default.