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Follow Up: Sienna vs. PT Cruiser

We had an overwhelming response to our last blog post "Who is at Fault? - Dashcam footage and poll" where over 150 people voiced their opinion on who they thought was guilty after watching the video footage. Just over half of the people who voted thought that the Sienna was 100% at fault while the remaining 49% were divided between the PT Cruiser being at fault and 50/50. 

This was very interesting to us as even after gathering many votes, while there was a clear leader in the polls, our audience did not come close to a consensus. This helped put into perspective the task of the insurance adjuster and the various considerations they encounter when dealing with an accident. Everyone has a family member or friend who has been in an accident and 9 times out of 10 they would claim they weren't at fault whatsoever. Statistically that's impossible to be the case but especially when there is no video evidence involved, people tend to deny fault. 

Looking back at the video footage, it made me wonder how the decision would have gone without the video footage. Based on the angle and the fact that the PT Cruiser hit the rear of the Sienna, I think more people would have deemed the PT Cruiser at fault if assessing the damage alone. Definitely some food for thought with regards to the role that dashcams have changed the game for making an insurance claim. 

Let us know how you think the results would've differed without the video evidence on our Facebook post here