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Dash Cam Mounts: Adhesive Tapes vs. Suction Cups Mounts!

Dash cams are built in different shapes and sizes and require different mounts to serve their purposes. The mount is a very important aspect for the dash cams because it can either be permanent or temporary depending of the preference of the individual. Here are some insights on what the advantages and disadvantages of adhesive tape mounts and suction cup mounts are. 

Suction Cup Mounts

Suction Cup mounts use a suction cup to mount the dashcam to any window of your vehicle making it easy to move and place on most smooth surfaces. They are perfect if the user has many different vehicles or plans to use the camera in a rental car while travelling. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that we think are important with a suction cup mounts.


Many of our customers that have to drive different cars everyday (such as a work vehicle and a personal vehicle) love to use suction cup dashcams because you can easily remove the dashcam at the end of the day or end of a shift. If you wanted a dash cam even when you were to rent a vehicle, a suction cup dash cam is the way to go. It is portable with you when you travel and you have a silent witness through video evidence. Recently many of our local customers that do not actually own a vehicle but use a car-sharing program such as a car2go, zipcar, or EVO have purchased a suction cup mounted dash cam to ensure that they are covered and not put at fault for something that they did not do.


The downside of using a suction cup mount is that the profile of the dash cam will be much more noticeable from the outside of the vehicle. From our experience, most people in North America do not want their dashcams to be noticeable from the outside of the vehicle. With a suction cup mount it will have a taller profile and is less likely to be hidden behind the mirror. Suction cup dash cams are also more prominent in the driver's line of sight. 

Furthermore, generally only Chinese dashcams come in suction cup system while Korean dashcams rarely come in a suction cup system. This is because in the event of a big collision the dash cams with a suction cup mount may come loose from the windshield and fly into the cabin of the car. 

Suction cups also tend to fall off when temperatures are extreme (either very cold or very hot) and tend to transmit more vibration to the camera/video footage if the vehicle were to go over some harsh bumps. This is because there are more moving pieces in the suction cup mount which makes it more susceptible to movement when there is a shock/impact.

Adhesive Tape Mounts

Adhesive tape mounts are mounts that use a strong double-sided tape that can be permanently mounted to many surfaces in the vehicle. While suction cups can only mount on perfectly smooth surfaces like a window, adhesive mounts can also stick to textured surfaces such as the dot matrix area on the upper edge of a windshield. Furthermore, Korean dash cams are required to use sticky adhesive mounts due to its reliability of keeping a dashcam in place thus ensuring the safety of the passengers. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that we think are important with an adhesive tape mount. 


Adhesive tape mounts allow for a permanent solution to keeping your dash cam in place without having the worry that it will fall. Due to the strength of the adhesive they are unfazed by the shocks and bumps of daily driving which equates to a more reliable dashcam mount. Adhesive tape mount dash cams are usually slimmer and more discreet from the exterior and interior of the vehicle, since the user is able to place the camera in higher and less noticeable locations. For the best video quality the distance of the camera lens should be as close as possible to the windshield for the best result which suction cup mounts do not allow for.


Disadvantages of having an adhesive tape mount is that the tape on the dashcam mount is only meant to be used once and is not reusable. It takes more effort to remove the mount since the user will need to apply heat from the outside of the windshield and pry the mount carefully. Additional dashcam adhesive will be required to relocate your dashcam to another vehicle. If you wanted to use your dashcam on a rental vehicle or a borrowed vehicle it would be very tedious to have to remove that mount. 

For my personal recommendations, I would always recommend going with a dashcam with an adhesive tape mount for safety reasons. If you have to drive different cars every so often or you really prefer suction cup dashcams, I would go with a Skyview G1 or the Koonlung C74 and C81. For a simple and affordable dashcam with a tape mount i would go with the Skyview G6. On the higher end I would go with the Blacksys CH100B which features parking mode and motion detection.