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Cellink Battery B 2.0 Generation

One of the most- popular Dash Cam battery pack, the Cellink Battery B, has been yet again been updated to its 2.0 generation from its predecessor the 1.5 generation.

Changes include:

  • Upgraded firmware 
  • Improved efficiency charging system 
  • Power options toggle with off, 5 Amp ,7 Amp options

There are 3 cables coming out of the 1.5 gen Cellink B. Female cigarette jack to connect to your dash cam, ACC input hardwire cable, and expansion pack connecting cable. The ACC hardwire cable can also be switched to a male cigarette end for those that do not wish to hardwire.

As noted above there are three new toggles that are now included with your Cellink B 2.0. The "OFF" toggle is to manually cut the power to your dash cam allowing you the freedom to turn off the dashcam. The 5A toggle is used if you are connecting your Cellink B to your male cigarette as it is specifically used for that purpose. The 7A toggle is specifically used for hard wiring the system to car and allows for faster charging.