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Blackvue Cloud WiFi Feature

As an industry leader, Blackvue continuously innovates with technologies like parking mode by motion detection, WiFi connectivity, and are currently launching over the cloud streaming. This means that users of specific Blackvue models can watch videos in real time from anywhere in the world if they have an active internet connection in the vehicle. The cloud access will be an excellent feature for those that are looking for the next level of fleet management and vehicle security.
The best part of this new feature is that it is available through a simple firmware update on the DR650GW devices and is a retroactive upgrade for previous Blackvue customers. A hotspot capable mobile device and an active sim card is necessary as the dash cam itself does not have a sim card slot. It isn't necessary to purchase a dedicated hotspot device as many smartphones are actually capable of the WiFi hotspot function needed for this cloud feature. 
We have been testing the beta version of the cloud feature for a few months and are thoroughly impressed by the smartphone integration from Blackvue. It is capable of real-time GPS tracking so you know exactly how fast and where the vehicle is travelling, a useful feature for business owners and even parents. A notification system can also be enabled so that every time the event mode G-sensor is triggered there will be a notification on your phone. This works even when the vehicle is parked and might give the user the opportunity to catch a vandalism/hit and run while it is happening. 
In one instance we dropped off our car at the dealership for an inspection and the live streaming function let us monitor when the vehicle was being test-driven, on the hoist, and parked in the service lot. One bonus feature is the cloud downloading of saved videos, this is an excellent way to ensure files are secured as the memory card can easily be formatted, removed, or overwritten. The Cloud connection can also be set to upload event files to the server but we turned off that function as it consumed a lot of cellular data. 
One feature we didn't find particularly useful was the two-way voice communication which can be used as an example between managers and staff, we find that this feature can be a little distracting and unexpected so it might not be the best idea in a car dash cam although it is available. Many of our fleet customers have asked for a feature like this and it's awesome to see Blackvue step up to the plate and deliver this game changing update in the dash cam industry. The Blackvue Cloud update will be available on the DR650GW-1CH, DR650GW-2CH, and DR650GW-2CH Truck