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Who are CAMMSYS/Blacksys?

The brand and manufacturer has always been an area of concern/interest in the dashcam community as there are many generic products of questionable build quality and quality control on the market. The worst offender is probably the G1W which has made a name for itself as a low cost dashcam with good video quality. That recognition made it tempting for a ton of dealers jumping on board and assembling second rate products with that same generic body while not delivering the same level of video performance. As a result there are countless threads on dash cam message boards about which sellers are carrying the "real deal" G1W dash cams. Some have gone to rebrand the G1W with their own names to distance themselves from the generic sellers but that hasn't necessarily made it easier as consumers are still asking about the legitimacy of these so-called "brands". That is why when a new company springs up in the North American market, it's helpful to provide some background information on them.

As it turns out CAMMSYS is a huge company in Korea where most dash cam manufacturers are based. They develop a number of camera products and are well known for their backup cameras, Samsung smartphone cameras, and vehicle black box systems. At the moment they are the only publicly traded manufacturer of dash cams and have award winning quality control from their three factories across Asia. They have over 3000 employees and do their own R&D so this is not simply a small Asian company piecing together parts and selling out of a small warehouse. CAMMSYS's annual revenue is expected to exceed 500 million USD this year (2015) and they have even partnered up with Hyundai/Kia to produce vehicle surround view monitors helpful for parking.

Why does this all matter? While the BlackSys CH-100B is not claiming to offer the best video quality on the market, which can be gathered from the numerous sample videos out there, you can rest assured that this company has a reputation to uphold. That reputation translates into a product that is built to last and not be replaced constantly due to build quality issues as not only would this damage the trust from the customer side of the business but also to the CAMMSYS shareholders. This is just a brief background on Cammsys/Blacksys, more info is available on their website here (BlackSys) and here (CAMMSYS).

PS: BlackSys has launched a new website here.