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Skyview G1 Facelift and Koonlung!

We're pleased to announce that the Skyview G1 has undergone a bit of a facelift with their newest iteration. The new styling is curvier with a better font choice than before. The timestamp in the sample videos have changed a bit but overall the biggest change is with the mount. In the past we've griped about how the Skyview G1 had a bulky mount but the latest iteration comes with a ball-in-screw type mount which is shorter and more robust than its predecessor. Video quality seems just as sharp as before and it's worth noting that the Skyview G1 is one of the most reliable dashcams we carry. 
Those that are looking for an upgrade from the Skyview G1 should look no further than the Koonlung lineup of single channel dashcams. With the code "KOONLUNGINTRO", customers can get special introductory pricing on this high end line of dashcams offering some of the best video quality on the market particularly in low light settings. The Koonlung A76 and C74 are a fair bit smaller than the Skyview G1 and come supplied with neat adhesive cable clips that make wire tucking a breeze. Below are some pictures of our customer's Mazda Miata running the Koonlung A76!