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Parking Mode and Supercars

A dash cam video that went viral this week shows a crook sneakily keying the side of an Aston Martin supercar and highlighting the importance of parking mode/hardwiring. The damage caused was approximately £9000 (~$14000 USD) and hopefully with the video evidence below the vandal that did this can be caught and justice can be served. EDIT: Criminal was caught thanks to the camera footage! (Link)

This footage was caught on the BlackVue DR500GW the predecessor to the DR600GW and the DR650GW-1CH all which are equipped with motion detection technology. Motion detection prevents the memory card from filling up with useless footage and potentially overwriting important footage in instances like the above video where the car is parked facing towards a wall. While simpler dash cams without this technology can still be hardwired to record when parked the risk of overwriting important footage is much greater.

For example, our Skyview G1 which is an entry level dash cam that records 1080P video writes approximately 6GB in one hour, given that it only supports 32GB memory cards which have a formatted capacity of approximately 30GB it can store a maximum of a little under 6 hours. If the dash cam can only store 6 hours of footage those that park their car for 8 hours while they're at work or >12 hours outside when they come home are at a high risk of losing footage. On top of that if the damage goes undetected for a while after it happens then you can pretty much guarantee it's not going to be there if the dash cam was running for the entire time you were parked.

There are a few ways BlackVue addresses this problem aside from motion detection, the first being support for higher capacity memory cards. The newer BlackVue models (DR650GW-2CH, DR650GW-1CH, DR600GW-HD, and DR750LW-2CH) all support up to 128GB cards which is good for just under 24 hours of recording on the highest quality setting for the 2 Channel dash cams. The other feature is high compression technology which means a lower bit rate/file size, this is a bit of a double edged sword as video quality can be compromised but with 10mbps dual channel recording, the BlackVue dash cams store considerably longer duration of footage on the same size memory card.