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Formatting Memory Cards!

Believe it or not, the most common cause of issues on dash cams is the memory card. With the convenience of most dash cams these days, many users have a set it and forget it mentality which is true for the most part, but regular memory card maintenance will is an important step in ensuring optimal performance from your dashcam regardless of which model you have.

When memory cards are not formatted regularly users may find  that certain video files can't play, missing files here and there, or total in-operation. Certain higher end Korean dashcams such as the FineVu and Blackvue models will give voice alerts for the user to review the SD card by saying something like "Check the SD card" but it's best not to wait for the dash cam to warn you. We recommend monthly formatting which can often be done on the dash cam itself by either holding down a button (following your user manual) or selecting an option in the settings (on screen equipped dash cams). When formatting the user must make sure there is enough power to complete the process and not to remove the card before the formatting is done, otherwise they may run the risk of damaging the card permanently.

On the topic of memory cards, we often get asked what brands or models to purchase. While we do sell the factory Blackvue micro SD it is not necessary to run the original factory branded memory cards and there are many reliable alternatives on the market. We recommend sticking with the big name brands and buying from reputable vendors as it is too easy to throw a "Sandisk" logo on a generic memory card and sell it as such so customers must be careful. We've used various commonly available brands with success and can recommend them, those include: Samsung, ADATA, and Lexar

The first steps to troubleshooting dashcam issues are to look at the memory card and firmware updates which can be found here. For any other questions feel free to contact us at info@blackboxmycar.com!