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WiFi Dash Cams

A very common question we get asked is what is WiFi on a dashcam and how it works. The main function of the WiFi is to use a smartphone as a screen to review dashcam footage, this feature accomplishes several tasks that are nice to have on a high-end dashcam. Firstly it eliminates the need for a built-in screen so for a device like the DR650GW-2CH or the eCELL Focus Black Box you can still easily access videos while retaining a very discreet form factor. With this function, in the event of an accident, the dashcam user could quickly show the footage to law enforcement which can help describe what happened without the need for a laptop or even removing the micro SD card.

WiFi eliminates the need for a screen allowing for small/discreet packaging

This viewing function is particularly useful for iPhone or newer Android Smartphone users where a built-in micro SD card reader is not an option. Users of non-WiFi equipped dash cams have to either remove the memory card which is small and easy to lose or remove the dash cam altogether but risk forgetting to put it back and not being protected on their subsequent drive. With that being said the WiFi function is primarily for convenience and can definitely be viewed as a luxury. 

Another benefit of the WiFi function is the ease of changing settings, without WiFi users have to plug the memory card in their computer and typically install a dedicated app to change the settings and then load that memory card onto the dashcam. With WiFi the settings change instantly and again users don't run the risk of losing memory cards or forgetting to replace their device.

Certain models even allow for live video streaming

On certain models such as the Blackvue 2-Channel dashcams, WiFi even allows streaming which means that users can use the rear camera as a backup camera of sorts. This is not quite as seamless as a factory equipped reverse camera but the option is definitely on the table. It's also important to note that WiFi on dashcams is only intended to be used at a close range to the vehicle, they are not like in home WiFi routers where you can access them from the other end of the house.

Our current WiFi equipped dashcam models are listed below: