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Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam Recommendations

We are often asked by fleet and commercial vehicle managers about which models are the best for their needs. Dash cams can protect businesses from liability in the event of an accident so more and more businesses are investing in this technology. To narrow this search down, we have compiled a list and reasons why the following cameras are our top choices. 

Here are some of our top dash cam recommendations for commercial vehicle fleets:

VIOFO A119/A119S


Viofo A119s

A dash cam model which we like for commercial applications is the VIOFO A119 or A119S. These cameras use high end optics and sensors to deliver some of the best footage (1440p) found on the dash cam market at a reasonable price point. However, it does not have a dedicated parking mode so it's not ideal to use for protecting the vehicle while the ignition is off. It doesn't have WiFi either but makes up for it with an integrated screen and button interface that is fairly easy to use. These cameras come with a detachable GPS mount that provides business managers/owners some insight to where their employees have been and how fast they were travelling. 


Blackvue DR450-1CH

Blackvue DR450-1CH


Simple and compact, the Blackvue DR450-1CH is a camera that replaces the outgoing DR3500 with an easy plug-and-play setup. It lacks WiFI like its bigger, more powerful DR650S sibling but it is a great entry-level camera for fleet businesses. This camera has the option for an external GPS. Many employers prefer having GPS enabled cameras  GPS isn't particularly useful for private/consumer use but the speed display and location marking is perfect for the review of employee driving behavior. The SD card access/cables flap on this camera can also be locked for added security. 


Thinkware F770 2-Channel


Thinkware F770


Thinkware F770 2-Channel system is our number one pick for consumers as it features a Full HD front facing camera and Full HD rear (with the option to get an IR interior facing camera as well) great in low-light settings. It also features low-power consumption and can run for the longest period of time in Parking Mode against all of our other cameras. However, camera does not top this list as it is one of the pricier models that we carry and is not always feasible for a large fleet to equip. 


Blackvue DR650S-2CH IR (Bus, Personnel Transport or Security)

Thinkware F770


To ensure the safety of both your customers and employees, the Blackvue DR650S-2CH IR can be equipped with a rear interior-facing IR camera for viewing ongoing activity inside the vehicle. This can be useful in  footage review to ensure that employees are cooperating with company regulations, correctly performing their duties and help protect them in the event that any incidents are to occur. 


Blackvue DR650S-2CH/Truck 

DR650 IR Truck


Topping out list is the DR650S from Blackvue. Blackvue build cameras that are ideal for commercial setups, all of which are great for hardwiring and parking mode. The DR650S-2CH Truck is perfect for truck applications as it provides front and rear protection, GPS, and even WiFi. The DR650S-2CH is a Cloud capable device with Over-the-Cloud for remotely monitoring multiple vehicles in a fleet. The rear unit has a water proof housing which is drilled onto the exterior of the vehicle. The DR650S-2CH is a popular choice for limo applications and offers rear protection with a camera that's mounted on the rear windshield instead of on the outside as with the truck version.

Lastly, we do want to mention our hassle-free 1-year warranty on all of these models and our fleet discount program. We encourage anyone interested in equipping their fleet with dash cam protection to contact us for business inquiries.