Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Recommendations

We get questions from fleet/commercial vehicle managers all the time about which models are the best for their needs. Dash cams can protect the company from significant liability in the event of an accident so more and more businesses are investing in this technology. One of their favourite features found mainly on higher end devices is GPS. To be honest GPS isn't particularly useful for private/consumer use but what they do usually offer is a speed display perfect for reviewing the driving behaviour of employees.

Without further ado let's talk about a few models from Blackvue that are perfect for commercial applications, all of which are great for hardwiring and parking mode. The DR650GW-2CH Truck is perfect for truck applications as it provides front and rear protection, GPS, and even WiFi. The rear unit has a waterproof housing which is drilled onto the exterior of the vehicle. The DR650GW-2CH is a popular choice for limo applications and offers rear protection with a camera that's mounted on the rear windshield instead of on the outside as with the truck variant. The DR600GW-HD offers similar features but is a single channel dash cam popular with our semi-truck customers or have vans with no rear windows but still want great front protection and GPS. 

WiFi on these Blackvue dash cams allow users to view footage on their smartphone directly which means users are less likely to misplace memory cards which are tiny and easy to lose on the job. Furthermore, with the 2-channel units the rear camera can even be displayed on the smartphone which can effectively be used as a backup camera screen if needed in a pinch. 

FineVu's CR-2000G is a popular mid-range dual-channel dashcam which has great video quality thanks to a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor that provides full HD video for both front and rear. It is a little bulkier than the DR650 because it has a large 3.5" touchscreen but the price point and dual memory card slots make it a good choice for front and rear protection. It too has GPS for speed and location monitoring. It's a great choice for hardwiring and protecting your vehicle when the ignition is off thanks again to parking mode.

Another dash cam model which we like for commercial applications is the DOD LS460W. This full HD model uses high end optics and sensors to deliver some of the best footage found on the dash cam market even in low light situations. It doesn't have parking mode so it's not ideal to use for protecting the vehicle while the ignition is off. It doesn't have WiFi either but makes up for it with an integrated screen and button interface that is fairly easy to use. The GPS not only displays speed in video footage but can display in real-time as a heads up display using the rear screen. Another benefit to this dash cam is the suction cup mount, normally we don't recommend suction cup mounts as they are bulky and usually not as sturdy or discreet as adhesive mounts, but in commercial applications the dash cams can be easily switched from vehicle to vehicle thanks to the suction cup. 

Lastly we do want to mention our hassle-free 1-year warranty on all of these models and our fleet discount program. We encourage anyone interested in equipping their fleet with dash cam protection to contact us for business inquiries. 

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