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BlackboxMyCar.com Dash Cams for Adjusters and Ambulances!

As we kick of our third year in the dash cam industry we're proud to share some of our noteworthy sales from this month with our customers.

Perhaps word got out around the water cooler about the group buy we organized for some ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) employees last month and the adjusters wanted in as well. We've now sold several dash cams to ICBC insurance adjusters who deal directly with claims and are really a testament to how useful dash cams are. Dash cam footage definitely makes the lives of these adjusters a lot easier when it comes to determining who is at fault in an accident, so maybe it's not surprising that they're jumping on board!

Another amazing deal we closed this month was with an ambulance manufacturer who will be implementing our FineVu CR500HD dash cams in their vehicles henceforth. It's truly an honour to see our products used in these life-saving emergency vehicles and we think it's great that they see the value in dash cam technology. 

We're excited to see where BlackboxMyCar.com dashcams will end up next!