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Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Truck Now Available!

The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Truck is officially live on BlackboxMyCar.com! It'll be a great option for our fleet and commercial truck customers who can take advantage of its built-in GPS function to monitor driver behaviour. Users can expect the same great video quality as the popular non-Truck DR650GW with Full HD front recording from a 2.4MP Sony CMOS Sensor. Furthermore thanks to a WiFi feature users can stream dashcam footage without the need of a computer or removing the memory card by using the Android/iOS smartphone apps. 

With the truck variant of the DR650GW-2CH, Blackvue has supplied a heavy duty rear mount/bracket that's waterproof along with a waterproof coaxial cable that's now 15 metres long (or 49 feet for our American customers). The front unit installs with the traditional adhesive tape mount while the rear unit comes with several screws for installation. Blackvue also includes a number of adhesive tape clip holders, ideal for keeping the long coaxial cable that connects the rear unit to the front neatly in place. 

On our product page you'll find that we have the typical memory card options but we've also included a few options for hardwiring. The Cellink Battery B powers the dashcam for an additional 23 hours compared to running off of the truck's battery alone while also taking some stress off of the vehicle's battery as the dash cam runs off of the Cellink first when the vehicle is switched off. The Power Magic Pro has always been our most popular hardwiring kit and offers simple discharge protection for both 12V and 24V applications while opting for no hardwiring kit means the dashcam can only run while the vehicle is on. We highly recommend using the hardwiring kits as it lets users take advantage of parking mode which can act as a security camera while drivers are unloading from the rear of the truck thanks to the DR650GW Truck's motion detection feature.