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Cobra Dash Cam Highlights/Comparison

We recently became an authorized dealer for Cobra dash cams, and at the moment we carry 4 different models so we wanted to shed some light on the nuances of each individual model as they might be a little confusing for the average consumer. Cobra dash cams typically use well known camera sensors in the dash cam world and offer above average video quality. Another common theme across the board are their LCD screens and buttons which allow for easy settings configuration and video playback. Generally they are supplied with suction cup mounts and are packaged very nicely in their gift/retail optimized boxes.


The Cobra dash cams differ from our most popular Blackvue/FineVu dashcams in that they are mainly intended to record while the vehicle is running and like the Chinese dash cams we carry, do not offer parking mode by motion detection. Because they don't have this feature the supplied cigarette adapter cables aren't really long enough to be wire tucked or hardwired, however we can see some customers preferring this as it won't result in a mess of cables on the floor of their vehicle.

The suction cup mounts are a double-edged sword as they make it very easy to remove the unit and re-mount the dash cam in another vehicle but they add a lot of height to the overall unit. Some of our customers drive a work vehicle on their shift and drive home in their personal vehicle, in which case an easy to swap suction mount is a huge benefit. Another benefit to the suction mounts is their range of adjustment, most of them use a ball type mount so they are very flexible for adjusting the orientation of the dash cam the way you want it. The exception to this is the Cobra CDR 825E which actually comes with a low profile suction cup mount as well as a low-profile adhesive mount which we prefer.

Low-profile suction mount for the CDR 825E

While the Chinese dash cams we carry do offer similar video quality, there is limited manufacturer support since they are ultimately OEM's based in China. For that reason Cobra really has an advantage in customer service/support since they are based in North America and are a well known/established company in the field of automotive/marine electronics.

Without further ado let's briefly summarize the nuances of each model!

 Cobra CDR 820

  • Super compact design with a 1.5" screen
  • Sharp 1080P video but narrow viewing angle of just 118°
  • Suction cup mount that uses a universal consumer camera tripod thread so alternative mounting options may be available
  • Standard 8GB Memory Card (can support up to 32GB)

Cobra CDR 825E

  • Ambarella Chipset for excellent 1080P video and a sufficiently wide viewing angle of 140°
  • Low profile mounting solutions (adhesive and suction cup) 
  • Large 2.7" LCD Screen
  • Standard 8GB Memory Card and can support up to 32GB
  • Matte black design is fairly discreet
  • Sub $200 CAD price tag is attractive

Cobra CDR 840

  • Very sharp 120° lens great for capturing license plates but can be a little narrow. Just as the CDR 820
  • GPS provides location (coordinate) data but no speed information
  • Lighter grey design is stylish but perhaps not as discreet as the CDR 825E 
  • Bulkier suction cup mount that has a proprietary bracket attaching to the GPS antenna so alternative options aren't really available
  • Standard 8GB Memory Card (supports up to 32GB)

Cobra CDR 900

  • Action camera/dash cam hybrid which can record for a fair bit of time while unplugged
  • Ambarella A7LA Chipset has great low light performance. Can record up to 1296P resolution at 30 FPS
  • Extremely wide 160° lens captures a lot but compromises sharpness compared to the other Cobra dash cams
  • Proprietary suction cup mount and included lanyard mount for handheld use
  • WiFi enabled to work well with Drive HD smartphone app and can even support cloud upload
  • 2" LCD screen and square design with carbon fibre touches, sporty but not the most discreet.
  • Standard 8GB Memory Card (supports up to 64GB)


Overall my personal favourite out of these 4 is the Cobra CDR 825E for it's sleek design and mounting which while fairly conventional makes for a discreet look. Furthermore, the 140 degree wide angle lens is ideal for capturing a wide range while not compromising sharpness and sign legibility. The Drive HD app on the CDR 900 is actually pretty good and we wouldn't mind seeing that integrated on other Cobra devices in the future.

Ultimately the Cobra range needs to implement a parking mode and hardwiring optimized dash cams.