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Celebrating a month of clientele milestones

As we approach our 3-year anniversary here at BlackboxMyCar, we're definitely keeping very busy. We're proud to reflect on this most recent month and some of the highlights worth celebrating and sharing with our loyal customers.

One of our first customers that paid us a visit this month was the Japanese Consulate-General and his staff here in Vancouver who are now equipped with some of the finest vehicle protection available from Blackvue. It was a great honour doing business with a group of such significance.

We also successfully managed a group buy for many ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) employees that are now set up with single-channel dashcams. This further validates the importance of dashcam footage in the event of motor vehicle incidents and insurance fraud cases. Here at BlackboxMyCar.com we believe that a dashcam really acts as a guardian angel when it comes to determining fault and preventing fraud. 

Another notable group we had the pleasure of dealing with were the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) who are now set up with multiple Blackvue dashcams in their vehicles. We're proud that a group we entrust in keeping our borders and points of entry safe can feel confident with our dashcam products. 

Last but not least, just yesterday we finalized a deal to supply the largest tour bus company in the lower mainland with our dashcams. 

This is not to say that we don't appreciate all our customers day in and day out who have supported us since the early days of BlackboxMyCar.com, but we do believe that these higher profile clients we've helped really speaks volumes about the efficacy of in-car dashcams.