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Micro 2 Add-A-Fuses are in!

Over our 4 years of installations here at BlackboxMyCar, over 90% of vehicles used either ATO, Mini, or Low-Profile add-a-fuses so that's what we primarily carried on our online store. In recent months we've seen a lot more Micro 2 cars crop up at our shop and saw the need to bring in these add-a-fuse kits. Interestingly, the local auto parts distributor didn't stock these add-a-fuse kits or even the fuses themselves making it quite the hassle for owners of these vehicles! Many customers of ours looked at their fuse box and assumed that the fuses were Mini fuses and ordered the Mini add-a-fuses when in fact they were Micro 2! They are very similar in terms of shape and height but they are noticeably narrower when placed side by side. 
Micro 2 add-a-fuse
For those that run hardwire kits like the Power Magic Pro or the BlackSys/Thinkware variants this wasn't too big of an issue as the wires are quite thin and could easily fit around a fuse leg or could be soldered onto an existing fuse. However, for those running kits like the Cellink B this wasn't an option as the wire was too thick for most fuse boxes.
Micro 2 fuse vs mini fuse

Does my car use Micro 2 fuses?

Some vehicles/manufacturers that we've seen have adopted this new standard of fuse are listed below:
  • 2014+ Dodge Ram
  • Newer Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models
  • Newer Kia vehicles (presumably Hyundai as well)
  • 2015+ Ford Mustang, F-150, and several other Ford vehicles
  • Tesla (Model S and Model X)
  • 2016+ Volvo XC90

If you own a late model (2013+) Ford, Dodge, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Hyundai, Kia, or Volvo vehicle, we would highly recommend double-checking to make sure you have the correct fuse for your vehicle. It seems that the German and Japanese manufacturers haven't switched to the Micro 2 standard yet but many American and Korean vehicles are using it. 

Here is a chart with the measurements to verify which fuse type you have:

  Micro 2 Fuse Mini Fuse
Width 9.1 mm 10.9 mm
Height 15.3 mm 16.3 mm
Depth/Thickness 3.8 mm 3.6 mm