FineVu T9 Coming Soon!

We are very excited to announce that we are going to soon be receiving the FineVu T9 here at BlackboxMyCar.

It is a truly unique product, and something we are really anticipating. The FineVu T9 will be an entry-level dedicated dual-channel dashcam, that offers 720P up front, and a VGA/480P rear.

This dashcam is a great entry into having a dual-channel system, by a reputable Korean brand known for high-quality products. The product in itself is very sleek and has a quality that we have come to expect from FineVu. Though the dashcam may not have the best resolution, its purpose is to be able to get the job done, at a entry-level price point.

It is a truly great camera for the budget minded that wants to get into a dual-channel system that has parking mode features, and is from a reputable brand.

If interested, or if there are any questions or inquiries, please contact us here.