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Utilizing Open Wifi for the Cloud

Many customers out there are looking for alternative ways to run their DR650 units on the cloud, and thanks to a customer named ryan2366, we’ve found another one. Admittedly, the amount of customers who can utilize this feature are low, but we feel that so long as the option is there, we should let our customers know.

Here in Canada, we have a service provider called Shaw. Shaw has offered an open WiFi program called Shaw Open. Companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks offer free WiFi hotspots but the thing that stops them from being viable access points is that they require that you sign onto their WiFi through a browser. Unfortunately dash cams do not have internet browsers on them, so walls such as these have made open WiFi access not as viable. What makes Shaw Open different from the others is that Shaw Open is one large network, and the sign-on process can be avoided by registering the device to your account.

Shaw My Account Layout "Devices"This is an example of what the device’s page on a user’s Shaw account would look like.

 In there you can register up to 3 different devices to your account. These devices will never have to "sign on" when there is a Shaw Open access point around, and will instantly get access to the internet from any access point.

Why would we need to write a whole article about this, if it was so simple to do? This is because we need to register the device with a Shaw account, and to do that, we would need to find out what the DR650’s MAC Address is.

Shaw Internet "Devices"“We need to find a what now?”

What is a MAC Address, and how do we find it?

A MAC Address is an identification tag for devices that can access the internet. Devices on the internet use MAC addresses in order to find out where to send their data to. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to ask questions on google, watch videos, or search anything.

It’s actually a lot easier to find than you’d think. One of our customers, ryan2366 was experimenting, and he found two different options that we think would be good for our customers.

The Simple Way

The simplest way to do find the MAC address is to ask cs@pittasoft what the MAC address of your unit is. When you send them the email asking them what your unit’s MAC address is, you would need to supply both a serial number, and the SSID for your unit, like you would if your unit didn’t have a QR code and you were registering for the cloud. For both registering for the cloud and getting the MAC Address, you would need to be patient, as BlackVue needs to verify their information, which will take some time to get back to you.

*If there is actually an easier way to do so. let us know by contacting us through our web form.*

The 'Techie' way

For those who are a bit more tech savvy, or are looking to connect sooner, there is another way to find the MAC address, though it is a bit more complicated. The first step would be to register your DR650 to your home WiFi. Connecting your unit to your home’s WiFi, will leave it’s mark on your home’s router.

Cisco Router Web Interface Main Menu

With your unit’s address saved, you can check to see what the SSID is. On your router, there should be a way to interface with it online. Our router has a sticker with the information needed to use the interface (web address should look like: http://***.***.*.**) written on it. Every system is different and this information not apply when you’re looking through your interface, but when we accessed our router’s web interface we found the unit’s Client Name was blank, and the MAC address started with “00:”.

How will this help?

Once you have found the MAC address, you can register the unit with your Shaw account. With the unit now registered, you can connect your unit to a Shaw Open WiFi, without having to sign on. Another bonus is that your unit remembers the Shaw Open network, so it will now link up to any Shaw open network it comes across.

“I drove to three separate Shaw hotspots and the dash cam connected and disconnected as I entered and left each hotspot. The dash cam also sent me notifications confirming the same.“ -ryan2366

We feel that this will make the cloud a more viable option for our customers, and while we’re not sure if there is a similar service available in america, we hope that this can open up the doors for those who have the option.