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Customer Submission: Parking Mode Hit and Run

Our customer in California who has the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH hardwired in his Volkswagen GTI shared this video he captured with us.

Some drivers play dumb and will leave their car parked but this person wasted no time in leaving the scene of the crime. Our customer has filed a claim with his insurance provider and a police report as well.

This video emphasizes just how important parking mode by motion detection, note that the hit happened just around midnight. With non-motion detection cameras, the camera would simply keep recording until the user removed the memory card or unplugged the power. This means that the user runs a huge risk of having the footage overwritten before they can get back to the camera in time.

To illustrate this with an example: the average 1080P Chinese dashcam such as the G1W or Skyview G6 (A118/B40) records around 15 Mbps which is around 7GB for every hour of video. These entry level cameras typically only support Micro SD cards up to 32GB which is formatted down to about 29.5GB. This means that video gets looped approximately every 4 hours. With a camera that supports 64GB the risk is lessened but still only to about 8 hours. Had our customer not returned to his car and discovered the accident by 7:50 AM in the morning there would have been no way to recover that footage with a non-parking mode dashcam.

With a parking mode camera such as the Blackvue, BlackSys, and FineVu systems, not only do they only write to the card if motion is detected or the G-sensor is triggered, but they also organize the files to let you know where/whether there was an impact. Instead of having to sift through hours of parking mode footage, the user can go straight to the file that was tagged as the event.

The initial investment for the parking mode dashcam is easily offset by the cost of repairs even in a lower speed hit and run like this scenario.