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The Best Dash Cams for Long Distance Travel

Dashboard cams are becoming an integral part of the driving experience. Not only do they provide evidence should you be involved in an accident, but they also provide additional security for your vehicle. However not all dashboard cams are created equal, and it is important to have the right dash cam for your needs. When driving long distance, you need to consider elements such as recording time, battery life, cost, warranty, and quality of recording. There are three scenarios that will affect the way you choose your best dash cam: when renting a car, when driving a personal car, and when considering the permanence and longevity of your dash cam.

When Renting a Car

When you rent a car, it’s important that the car stays in impeccable condition. For this reason, it’s important that a dash cam with a suction cup mount tops the list. This will ensure that it is both easy to attach and easy to remove, and leaves no visible marking. Suction cups also allow you to transfer the dash cam around, so your dash cam can be moved to your full time vehicle when you’re done in the rental. Look for a model that has an expandable memory and great day and night recording quality. With an expandable memory, you don’t have to worry about importing all of your footage since, if you run out of space, you can simply purchase a new memory card and keep recording. Similarly, ensuring that both day and night recording quality is good makes sure that even when you’re vision is lessened with dark nights the camera’s vision is not. When renting a car, the best dash cams we would recommend are the Skyview G1 or Koolung C81.

When Driving a Personal Car

When you’re in your own car, it’s important that you consider more permanent options. This kind of dash cam should be discreet, and not take up a significant amount of space in your car. The SkyView G6 is one of the best permanent options, with a combination of affordability and discreetness. This model has an expandable memory that can go as high as 32GB’s, so you have lots of space for videos. The G6 also has a LCD screen, so you can review videos right on the unit instead of waiting to upload them. The BlackVue DR650GW-1CH is another fantastic choice for your personal car. This model comes with a WiFi app so you can connect to the phone to review videos and settings, and a built in GPs to track your location and your speed. Additionally, this model can be expanded up to 128GB’s of memory; a recent customer was able to record an entire trip from Fort McMurray to Newfoundland on just one memory card!

Consider Permanence When Buying a Dash Cam

Most importantly, it’s important to consider the longevity of your dash cam, and whether or not you plan to use it regularly. If you plan to use your dash cam only during long distance drives and in rented cars where you want the extra coverage, one of our more affordable models with a suction cup would be preferable. If you are going to utilize it regularly, one of our higher end models with a large memory and advanced features will be best dash cam for you. Regardless of your choice, a dash cam will help you over the long term, and is a fantastic investment.

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