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How do I get my Blackvue Cloud Code?

After reviewing our video introducing BlackVue Over the Cloud, many customers are asking about where they can find the QR code. At the moment, most BlackVue DR650GW-1CH and DR650GW-2CH do not ship with the QR code on the mount (like the image below) so we wanted to outline the steps to acquire this code and get set up with BlackVue Over the Cloud.


To get your Cloud code, you need to email cs@pittasoft.com your camera's factory WiFi SSID and the serial number on the box. If you've thrown out the box you can also get the serial number by sliding the camera out of the mount and looking at the sticker on the camera. Be careful when doing so as it requires unplugging the coaxial cable which can break if you plug it back in at an angle. To find your WiFi SSID you must look in your phone/tablet settings and look for the network name of your camera, take a screenshot of this and attach it to your email. Sending this email will also let you know if your camera is cloud compatible, if your camera has the updated blue and white packaging it is cloud compatible.

Here is a screenshot of the instructions from BlackVue's website