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Everything You Need To Know About Dash Cam Storage

Everything You Need To Know About Dash Cam Storage


When buying a dash cam system for your vehicle, many people tend to forget one hugely important item: the micro SD card. MicroSD card usage in a dash cam is so vital because some cards fail very quickly if you don’t purchase the right one and you may lose crucial footage in case of an accident. In our experience the best micro SD card for dash cams are high capacity cards that are Class 10 with MLC technology, so that they take advantage of the added durability. This is important because for those running parking mode, your camera may be running almost 24/7.

Speed Rating

When we talk about Class 10 and MLC rating, we’re referring to the speed rating of the SD card. Class 10 is a class of rank on the write speed of the SD card; the 10 means 10 megabytes per second. Generally, what we see with the more “affordable” cards are slower read and write speeds. This leads to recording issues or skips in the recording. Having a reliable, fast, and durable SD card can help ensure that you’re always protected. That being said, “faster SD cards” won’t necessarily improve video quality. Remember dash cams don’t require the highest quality - rather, a more durable card is something to look for.

What Size To Buy?

The amount of space is important for your everyday dash cam use. However, the size of SD cards may vary depending on your use of the dash cam. A 32GB card is great for value for those who use their dash cams for driving recording. Typically this translates to about 3-4 hours of 1080P recording, which is more than enough for most drivers. Any less and you pay more money per gigabyte and save only a few dollars. If you’re using a parking mode dash cam, a 64GB size and higher improves durability and gives you extended parking recording. Rideshare drivers may want to use the larger 128 GB card so as to keep the most amount of video storage in case of any issues with previous customers. These cards are significantly more expensive per gigabyte but most find them to be of value. Our most popular cards are the 64GB and 128GB options, since most customers prefer the peace of mind that footage won’t be overwritten so easily.

Get a Backup Card

We recommend all of our customers to purchase a smaller 16 or 32GB card, to be kept in your vehicle at all times, in case you get into an accident. You’ll be able to swap your cards out instantly and keep recording without worrying that you’ll overwrite important footage. You’ll also be protected in case your current card has any problems. A spare micro SD card is very useful for when you’re out on a road trip with no easy access to a computer.

Which Card To Buy?

BlackboxMyCar is proud to say that all of our micro SD cards have been rigorously tested to ensure compatibility and to offer the longest lifespan as well. We also carry manufacturer’s own micro SD cards, such as BlackVue and Thinkware. We even carry our own branded micro SD cards, which perform flawlessly as well.

IROAD Announces OBD Cable: What Does It Mean?

We are excited to announce that IROAD is now offering an ODB installation cable, which is great news - but how is this important? Well, to understand why this matters we need to look at the current available options and their restrictions. Not only does OBD connectivity increase the list of possible vehicles with access to Parking Mode but it also provides one more way for you to get a clean and simple installation that will professionally installed.

The current available en masse hardwire technology that enables parking mode is primarily through direct hardwiring, which involves wrapping wires around fuses in the vehicle’s fuse box or through fuse taps. While there isn’t anything wrong with these methods, they require a certain level of handiness. The installation of a hardwire kit can be very intimidating for even a mildly seasoned DIYer but fortunately there are plenty of guides and walkthroughs that make the whole process less painful. However, even following these walkthroughs people can, and do, make mistakes and, what’s further, newer electric vehicles like some Tesla models don’t even allow for a traditional fuse-based hardwire installation. Of course, a solution to this is to equip a dash cam battery pack but that is also an expensive investment.

The benefits of the OBD installation over the traditional fuse hardwire method are pretty significant. Probably the most impactful is the simplicity of the installation because every vehicle since 1996 has an OBD2 port that matches the plug that IROAD has created. This makes it a simple plug and play system to attain parking mode. Additionally to the universal nature of this plug is that it can easily be unplugged and stored away. Finally, having a solution like this also allows a dash cam to be painlessly installed in every vehicle without risk of damaging your vehicle and voiding your warranty. It doesn’t matter if you drive a gas, hybrid, or electric vehicle because IROAD has come out with the perfect solution solution for you!

Once installed, the dash cam (in this case the IROAD X9) will be able to utilize the parking mode features. Parking mode allows the dash camera to access a very light power draw on the vehicles battery so that the dash cam can record even while the vehicle is off. This is a massive benefit to protecting your property and your wallet, allowing you to record the details of an incident without a he-said or she-said situation. All around the world dash cameras are used as a silent witness to protect against fraud and insurance companies. They also have the added bonus of capturing the madness we see every day!

Why Ridesharers Should Get A Dash Cam

Today, car and ride share apps and their users are rapidly growing. Just think of Uber, Lyft and other services that have changed the way people commute. There are numerous benefits in owning a dash cam for regular drivers but a dash cam proves even more crucial for rideshare drivers. A 2-channel infrared dash cam can be installed so that the interior of the vehicle will be recorded, acting as a silent witness and offering video evidence in case anything happens. The infrared dash cam offers the ability to record under total darkness so that total video capture under all scenarios.

Passengers can easily make false claims against drivers, as can other parties if you get involved in an accident. The principle for owning a infrared camera is the same as having a regular dash cam - you may not use it all the time but when something happens, such as a false accusation from a passenger, then you will be very happy that you do have an infrared dash cam.

The following are only a few examples of what an interior facing dash cam can capture!

Now, imagine if these scenarios happened at night, in areas with very poor lighting. While traditional dash cams would not perform well under these conditions an infrared camera can offer crystal clear images even in pitch black environments. This is all thanks to its infrared technology. *Do note that, because of the infrared lights, the images under daytime will be in black and white - but all video details will still be captured*

At BlackboxMyCar, we offer the best interior and exterior dash cam options. Our most popular options would be the Thinkware FA200 IRC and Blackvue DR750S IR.

Secure your vehicle today with one of our Rideshare Bundles, and make sure you're covered from all angles by your very own silent witness onboard. See our fantastic bundles below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Also, be sure to check out our individual IR interior cameras here as well!