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BlackboxMyCar Stories: Written by Customers

Paul's Dash Cam Story

Paul's Dash Cam Story

One evening, I was almost across an intersection when the driver from the oncoming traffic turned left directing into me, resulting in a head-on collision. Fortunately, nobody involved in the accident obtained injuries requiring an ambulance.

While working through my claim, I was informed that the other driver, nor his parents, had filed a claim nor had they responded to requests to discuss the accident. If not for the dash cam, I would not have been able to prove culpability and resolve my claim.

Because of what occurred to me, other family members are considering purchasing Thinkware dash cams for all their vehicles.

I hope the above story is sufficient for your needs. If not or if you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Paul S

Murphy's Dash Cam Story

Murphy's Dash Cam Story

I met Alex at an autocross event well before BlackboxMyCar began. We both had mutual interests in cars and became good friends. In 2012, he had the idea of selling dash cams and I eventually joined the company, thinking to just help out for a short while since he was looking for someone he could trust - little did I know I'd end up staying for 3+ years and become Canadian Operations Manager. It has been an amazing learning and humbling experience, to see us grow from a team of 3-4 people to over 20 talented individuals, and to witness the positive effects that we've had in society through the usage of dash cams.

Dash cams to me represent the future of resolving vehicular incidences. They make perfect logical sense for people who want a "silent witness" onboard, so that stressful, tiresome and expensive he-said/she-said insurance claims are avoided. Even the peace of mind of knowing that I will be protected while I drive offers good reason for me to invest in a dash cam.

One of the craziest footage that I've captured is of a thief entering our garage door and stealing half a pair of shoes (didn't have time to pick up the other pair when our alarm rang). You never know what a dash cam can capture!

I'm currently running a Thinkware F800 Pro 2 Channel setup in my car! If you would like to get one yourself, check out the button below for more details!